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Improvement of titanium alloys and aluminium alloys durability


Improvement of titanium alloys and aluminium alloys durability

Modern technological development requires to use more parts made of titanium and aluminium alloys in machines and units. These materials are among the most advanced construction materials because of their low density and excellent physical and mechanical properties.

At the same time the issue of improvement of alloy durability is becoming more important. There are various technologies of durability improvement, such as chemical, electrolytic and microarc oxidation, finishing plasma hardening, galvanic chromium plating, thermal spraying.

According to test data, thermal spraying of tungsten carbide is the most effective technology. It enables to increase durability by 3-5 times compared to other methods of surface hardening because of high microhardness of surface (1200-1500 HV). It also allows to apply coating more than 1 mm thick.

This technology was used for hardening of protection cover of telemetric system made of alloy ВТ14 for its protection from corrosion and abrasive wear caused by well-bore drag during drilling.

In addition to that there are numerous other examples of efficiency of hardening of titanium and aluminum parts with tungsten carbide coating for various industries: metallurgy, oil and gas production and processing, power generation.

Mashprom, JSC can manufacture parts of any complexity made of titanium and aluminum alloys with the application of modern surface hardening technologies.


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