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20 years of Mashprom


20 years of Mashprom

Mashprom have celebrated their 20-year-anniversary!

Celebration of the Company's anniversary was traditionally aligned with celebration of the holiday dedicated to mechanical engineers and was held on September, the 23rd.

One hundred pieces of silver commemorative medals of limited edition with inscription "Mashprom 1996-2016" were issued in honour of this outstanding event. Embossed imaged emblem of "R&D Enterprise "Mashprom" was located on the face side of every medal. the emblem was designed as a shield, tracked at the bottom by a wheel of St. Ekaterina. On the top part of the shield above all the image there are two peaked serried chevrons. The slogan «From conception to implementation» is traced on the ribbon under the emblem. Mashprom is very proud of their emblem, which brings the following sense: «Chevron is a symbol of engineering development due to its similarity with dividers. At the same time this figure admonishes of a company logo of the design institute, existing at the time of the Works «Uralmash». Division into two metals is as a symbol of project engineering and «innovation» activity. The wheel is for a production as well as a geographical mark: St. Ekaterina is regarded as a patroness of scientific activity, developments and is patroness of Yekterinburg city. Two chevrons on the top part of the shield are represented as an allusion to the name of the Company due to theis similarity of the letter “M”.

This commemorative tokens were handled to 100 employees of Mashprom, who had been working in the Company for more than 10 years for “Longstanding conscientious work, achieved success in work and substantial contribution into the Group of companies “Mashprom”.

On the evening of September, the 23rd a glorified festival was arranged for the employees of the Group of companies “Mashprom”. The visiting teams from Nizhniy Tagil and Izhevsk attended this festival. The ship named “Mashprom” made the 20th travelling around the world, and our guests, being in “their cabins”, put out to sea together with a cheerful boatsman – Grand Marshal. While its sailing the ship visited various countris. The festival was very colorful and memorable.

20 years is a very important and significant date for Mashprom. It is an ambitious term for an active company being in progress. Mashprom всегhave always aimed at obeying to modern trends and responding to demands of life. As the result of all the 20-year period of hard and conscientious work we have managed to gather considerable experience, hold together a qualified and hand-in-hand team, forged relationships with our partner companies and customers. We wish Mashprom to celebrate not only 20-year-anniversary, but also 50-year and even 100-year-anniversary! We wish the ship of "R&D Enterprise "Mashprom" will be always sure-footed and in fast-moving progress and will expand horizons of their activity!


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