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Engineering Production Building and Commissioning

Social responsibility

We are sure that success of our company is determined by the well-coordinated work of employees. In the course of enterprise’s existence we developed a reliable team of likeminded people, who dare to set ambitious goals and know how to achieve them.  Company’s leaders pay much attention to social programs in order to make our co-workers satisfied with their job. These
programs are aimed at team-building and creating of favourable conditions for professional life and active recreation for the employees, as well as for their families. Our efforts are focused on several areas of social activity.
We care about well-being of the personnel. That is why we arrange annual physical examinations and vaccination sessions for our employees, encourage them to get rid of bad habits. The recreation base “Svetlaya”, situated on the shore of the Beloyarsk Reservoir, is our favourite resting place. Our employees and guests can enjoy comfortable rooms, secured parking area, two baths with pools, sports-ground, billiard and table tennis. Every worker has the opportunity to go weekly into sauna of the recreation base. We regularly hold there different corporate events, celebrations, work parties and competitions. The “Svetlaya” recreation base is a wonderful place of refreshment for our employees and their families.
We care about working conditions.  The beauty and convenience of our premises and offices are easily noticeable. Office facilities are supplied with up-to-date computers, office equipment and furniture. We have conference hall, meeting room and lounge, where colleagues can get together on coffee breaks.  Our employees are provided with cafeteria, which is situated on the MASHPROM’s territory and offers diversified menu at affordable prices.  
Modern interior design, care for comfort and beauty of our offices create a unique atmosphere of cordiality.
We provide financial assistance to the employees.  Besides regularly paying decent remuneration for work, the company seeks to provide moneyed assistance in the following forms:
Opportunity to enjoy discounts on company’s products and services is an extra advantage (in addition to the appealing conditions of employment).
We like to have fun and know how to enjoy ourselves. Corporate celebrations are one of the most agreeable traditions in  MASHPROM, as these events stimulate the team-building process. We celebrate together the New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day, Mechanic Engineers Day and Anniversary of the company. What we remember the most is activities during the Pancake Week, work parties in the “Svetlaya” recreation base and rafting,
Quarterly we hold “the Best Employee” competition, where we award the best specialists for labour merits, achievements and creativity.
We always congratulate our employees on personal events such as birthdays and weddings. Cultural events for personnel’s children are organized on the New Year, Children’s Day and the Knowledge Day. 
Our employees not only celebrate important events together, but also voluntarily take part in the festivities’ organization, demonstrating their various talents. 
We are not going to rest on our laurels, MASHPROM is improving social assistance programs for our employees and their families. We aspire to make the world a better place and start the changes with ourselves. You can join the team, if you share our values.