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Heat-mass-exchange equipment

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Our knowledge and projects in heat-mass-exchange equipment for treatment of industrial waste water, evaporation and crystallization, hydrometallurgy, recycling

Technologies and equipment for treatment of industrial waste water providing closed water cycle


Production efficiency of facilities is from 1 up to 100 t/hour

Facilities including evaporation and other heat-mass-exchange equipment and being realized mastered technology concepts allow creating closed water cycle; eliminating discharges of harmful substances into water bodies; increasing quality of water to be returned to technical process.

Evaporation and crystallization equipment for concentration of processing media and production of macro-crystalline products


Development and supply of advanced evaporator plants and vacuum pans for concentration of solutions with various chemical composition and production of macro-crystalline inorganic salts.

Heat-mass-exchange equipment for refinery comlexes and hydrometallurgy


Comprehensive solutions of production problems by means of application of:

  • Evaporator plants
  • Pressurized equipment, reactors
  • Heaters

Equipment for generation of desalted water from produced water with ultraviscous oil for the purpose of further vapour generation from it


Equipment productive capacity is 100, 300 and 600 t/hour.

Equipment for production and treatment of technical gases


Development, engineering, production, supply, assembling of facilities intended for cleaning of technical gases such as nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, xenon, krypton and others.

Cleaning, recycling, mixing and generation of technical gases.