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Our knowledge and projects in black metallurgy

Agglomeration, blast-furnace & coke and by-product process


Agglomeration, blast-furnace & coke and by-product process:

  • Sintering machines for cooled and hot sinter and coke
  • Vibrating feeder
  • Systems of feeding, transportation and storage, batching of granular material
  • Coke-oven battery facililties
  • Products made of materials with advance operation life (Hardox, Desmopan)

Steelmaking equipment, continuous casting machines

  • Engineering and packaged supply as turn-key project of the facilities for continuous casting
  • Reconstruction of continuous casting machines
  • Electromagnetic circulation systems
  • Continuous casting molds
  • Water cooled copper items for AC-EAF, BF

Rolling-mill machinery

  • Full-service reconstruction of hot section mills
  • Roll-tables
  • Gag-straightening machines
  • Spindels, cardan shafts, chocks
  • Screw down devices
  • Millstand (cassets of a rolling mill stand)
  • Water descaling
  • Rolling guides and spare parts to them
  • Bearings (film-lubrication bearings)
  • Sheet cleaning devices


  • Forging presses with tonnage up to 2,000 tons
  • Die-stamping machines with tonnage up to 10,000 tons
  • Horizontal, extrusion-type presses with tonnage up to 250 tons
  • Presses of special purpose with tonnage up to 2,000 tons

Industrial furnaces

  • Full-service supply of industrial furnaces with controlling systems
  • Chamber furnaces, including shielding atmosphere
  • Blast furnaces
  • Drum-type conveyer furnaces
  • Rolling-table type conveyer furnaces
  • Belt type conveyer furnaces
  • Special furnaces
  • Cover furnaces
  • Heat-resistant rollers for heat-treating furnaces
  • Charging and discharging devices of the material to/from a furnace
  • Lining and refractory materials
  • Systems of automation and control