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Engineering Production Building and Commissioning


Mashprom’s engineering


Joint Stock Company “Research and Development Enterprise “Mashprom” provides engineering services for new construction projects and for operative enterprises’ modernization, aimed at increasing their productivity gains and technical-and-economic efficiency.  The basic principles of modern engineering are practical application of engineering and process solutions, which are used for construction modifications, performance build-up, betterment of worn-out and obsolete equipment and designing of brand new equipment.  


If you address to Mashprom for engineering services, then

You will save time. Our specialists are qualified and experienced professionals, who do the job of good quality and without delays. 

You will save space. Mashprom’s experts will prepare equipment pattern, making the best use of every metre of your company’s production facilities.

You will get a high-quality service.  Our professionals execute top quality work in full accordance with operative rules and regulations. The major advantage is that for the customer it will suffice to contact Mashprom and send us technical requirements.  After that our personnel will take care of the necessary arrangements. We are able to propose several solutions to the client.  We will identify and manufacture the equipment that satisfies customer claims. Next our specialists will assemble it in integrated and (what is even more important) functional and factory tested system, then install and commission the equipment, as well as train customer’s personnel.  Wide experience of procurements and technological infrastructure allow Mashprom to select the most suitable option of installation set. It is important that in this case the customer deals with only one person-in-charge, but not with numerous suppliers.