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Hydrogen recycling

Mashprom is ReiCat partner in Russia

Situated in Gelnhausen, ReiCat works internationally in the branch of technical gases and waste gas.

More than 25 years experience and more than 500 delivered units worldwide.

„Made in Germany“ stands in the foreground.

Main customers are:

ReiCat core competence

Processes and systems for physical and chemical treatment of gases and waste gas.

Technical Gases

Exhaust air


Applied in all industrial sectors where technical gases are necessary or gases are contaminated due to the production process.

Continuous operation costs can be reduced up to 95%.

Gas recycling can be successfully effected with the gases He, Ar, N2, Xe, H2, CO2, as well as with other technical gases.

Efficiency of recycling

Recycling: Applications

Hydrogen Recycling

Why Recycle Hydrogen?

Benefits of our system

Hydrogen Recycling: Advantages

Hydrogen Recycling. Example: Annealing process.

Hydrogen Recycling. Example: High pressure gas quenching.

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