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Products of high-tensile steel on the exhibition «Russian national potato field day 2018»


Products of high-tensile steel on the exhibition «Russian national potato field day 2018»

On 22 August, JSC «R&D Enterprise «Mashprom» took part in the launching and working on the exhibition «Russian national potato field day 2018». On 22 and 23 August, the event took place on the fields of leading company specializing in growing potatoes in the Sverdlovsk region – JSC «Agro-industrial Complex «Belorechensky» (Beloyarsky district, Kochnevskoe).

Aleksej Orlov – the first deputy governor of the Sverdlovsk region opened the exhibition. Dmitrii Degtyarev – the Minister of Agro-industrial Complex and Food of the Sverdlovsk region noted that the Sverdlovsk region enter the top 10 regions leading in the production of milk, eggs and potatoes. The Middle Ural completely supplies itself with main food products. Planted area of potato is more than 50 thousand hectares every year.

Then participants inspected the sites of ecological investigation of domestic and foreign potato varieties. More than 90 potato varieties were presented at the exhibition. A few months ago, the representatives of the top ten leading plant breeding station of Russia, Tatarstan, Germany and Holland had planted potatoes on their fields, and today the participants have inspected the plots of potatoes including the samples of harvest.

The exhibition presented operation of agricultural equipment for potato and wheat harvests gathering.

JSC «R&D Enterprise «Mashprom», having an outdoor booth on the exhibition, presented self-engineered products of import substitution program aimed at manufacturing the high-tensile steel products for agricultural equipment. It can be noted without exaggeration that exhibition booth of «Mashprom» received huge attention of the participants among whom were representatives of many different regions of Russia, including the Sverdlovsk region, the Chelyabinsk region, the Kurgan region, the Tyumen region, the Kirov region and others. Participants and visitors of the exhibition were particularly interested by the blade for digging up and other products for soil loosening. The specialists of the «Mashprom» suggested close consultation on the production of products, including possibility of visiting and conducting of the manufacturing surveys, the trial operation of products, the production by the personal drawings.

Specialists of «Mashprom» suggested having close consultations regarding manufacturing of products, including possibility of visiting and arranging of the manufacturing site, trial operation of products, production according to the personal drawings. In general, it can be noted that demand for the quality products for agricultural sector is increasing every year, which was confirmed on this exhibition.

It should be reminded that specialists of «Mashprom» are ready to hold any consultations on application of high-tensile steel in different fields of national economy and industry. The website of division «High-tensile steel»: www.beziznosa.ru. E-mail address for placing orders or getting consultation on production: zakaz@beziznosa.ru.


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